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I believe this is partly down to doing Judo. We usually add in some squats and sit-ups in-between just to give your arms a break. ? Please join me in wishing our Team GB Judo competitors all the very best! Thanks also to Slendertone, Glynn and everyone else at Destination Judo. You basically go from ten reps down to one. Their?Connect Abs (RRP ?179.My six year old took up Judo last year. Start with one exercise and do ten reps, let your partner do his ten after you and then you do nine and so on. I don?t have one yet (hint, hint!).99.? It makes perfect sense for Team GB to partner with Slendertone. Users reported more slacklines defined arms using the arm accessory for the recommended usage of 15 minutes per session, from three times a week. ? Fast forward over a year and Adam still loves it! He actually picked up his red belt (3rd Mon) just last week.?Danny Williams, Professional Olympian Judoka, says: ?Having a strong core is very important for Judo, as it is a resistant sport you need enough power from your core for to prefect your technique. Sounds easy? Think again!?Slendertone isn?t a quick fix so it?s important to use it regularly as part of a healthy, active lifestyle to make the most of its benefits. ? I?m really looking forward to watching Team GB compete in this years Olympics in Rio.? I believe this is true and one other thing I?ll add, is that it teaches children respect. have partnered up with?the GB Judo Association to increase their athletes strength. Oh and when doing the press-up routine, while your partner is doing theirs you hold the plank position. ? On that note, I have a great little arm workout which consists of pull-ups, press-ups and dips. Destination Judo rocked up at his school and ran a taster class by Glynn. has a motto: ?Making Judo fun and giving children confidence. Glynn is a fantastic Judo instructor. I always arrive early to pick Adam up, hoping to catch a glimpse of Adam doing his thing. He?s always been a shy boy, clever yet quietly confident. We were delighted as he?s never shown any interest in ?outside of school? activities before. All the kids have smiles on their faces. Adam loved it, he said he wanted to sign up and that was that. His confidence has grown, he even asked for a speaking part in his school play. One thing which is clearly absent in some kids these days. ? I wasn?t aware of this but Slendertone also offer an arm accessory priced at ?39. Slendertone Connect Abs successfully activates 100% of the abdominal muscles deep into the core and 30 minutes is the equivalent of 202 muscle contractions.99) is perfect to help you achieve your goals

? Where in the past wearables have often been clunky and unwieldy, this generation is sleek and svelte (well, for the most part ? looking at you, Atlas Wristband). This can translate to more than a stellar follower count: many fitness professionals have found real-world success through Instagram. Just film yourself instructing a friend, then send the video to your tutor to be marked. Boom ? you?re a fully qualified personal trainer or fitness instructor, and you did it all at 10pm after the kids went to bed. Want to know how Hugh Jackman got ripped for Wolverine? Just follow . Instagram?s Fitness Community Fitness pros and average joes benefit alike from Instagram?s huge fitness community. ? For non-pros, Instagram provides a wealth of inspiration, ideas and support, as well as accountability if you make friends in the community. ? And if your biggest challenge is matching your playlist to your workout, Motion Traxx is your saviour. We might not have a Marty McFly hoverboard but artificial intelligence in a pair of biosensing headphones is still pretty damn impressive. Fitness Apps Want to power-up your fitness without investing in wearable tech? There are a huge number of fitness apps on the market just waiting to make your life easier. Many also allow you to keep an eye on your health via heart-rate, respiration, sleep, temperature, posture and even brain activity. ? Whether you?re an aspiring PT taking a course online, a CEO using wearables to optimise your health, or a new parent staying motivated with Instagram, technology has made staying fit and healthy easier than ever. ? The wearables market has grown to be worth $20 billion, and it?s showing no signs of slowing down. She?s sold ten million of her Bikini Body Guides and travelled the world doing bootcamps for her fans ? all because she started using Instagram as a handy place to upload her clients? before-and-after shots. It might be simple enough to do a work-out on your lunch break, but personal training courses generally can?t be squeezed in so easily. They needed $100k. ? Social media is the perfect platform for personal trainers to show off their results and share their workouts. From wearables to online personal training courses to Instagram?s huge fitness community, the progress made in the past decade eclipses everything that happened in the century before. ? Our appetite for exciting new tech knows no bounds ? because let?s face it, we all want to be a kick-ass sci-fi cyborg ? and that?s reflected in LifeBeam?s success. ? However, what was really surprising was that it wasn?t that surprising. Plus, you get intimate access to the best in the business. Ringly has created high-end jewellery that you?d never guess contained fitness trackers, and Michael Kors has two stylish Android Wear watches due to come out this Autumn. Wearables Smartwatches, fitness trackers and hearables can now measure your work-outs in increasingly tiny increments, making it easy to track your progress and make super-detailed fitness plans. ? For the rest of us, diet and fitness trackers like , Couch to 5k and can be the difference between giving up and giving it your all. If you?ve got kids, a full-time job, or are a carer for an elderly parent, flexibility is paramount. Need more motivation? Try Zombies, Run! and live out your zombie apocalypse fantasies while getting fit. ? Take Kayla Itsines for example. ? Here are some of the main ways tech is changing the fitness landscape. YMCA Awards and ICS Learn have teamed up to launch new ?that you can do whenever, wherever, including practical assessments and exams.When tech start-up LifeBeam last month with their for ?the first true AI personal trainer?, it was exciting. Going Pro There must be thousands of fitness enthusiasts out there who would love to become professional personal trainers but just can?t commit to a traditional course. What?s an aspiring PT to do? ? Once again, technology saves the day. ? It?s no secret that technology is revolutionising the fitness industry. They?ve made a million. ? For professional trainers, apps like The Training Notebook, PT Distinction and Acuity Scheduling are invaluable for organising your client base, keeping track of training and managing your schedule

Myth: fats and carbs are diet no no?s Diets are about decreasing your calorie intake. Fats should not be cut from a diet, they should be consumed in moderation. Then other people spread that information, tell all their friends about it so that pretty soon everybody?s rubbing a stick of butter on their left foot right before lifting weights. While carbohydrates provide us with the fuel to power our workouts, fats can actually speed up the metabolism. This is because I don?t trust myself to do a workout without somehow causing some kind of long-term muscle damage. ? For the rest of us who don?t have the time or access to a personal trainer, or are in search of a , an abundance of data is published almost every second on nutrition and fitness. ?For the rest of us, weight training makes us slimmer, increases our structural balance and helps improve posture. It?s also because I know that their years of experience qualify them to help me build the best routine for my size and weight. Fatty foods are high in calories so it makes sense to cut them from your diet. What we want to avoid is processed foods with little nutritional value. Myth: cardio alone is the best calories cutter Somewhere in the back of our minds we know that our body?s various bits and pieces work as a whole rather than as wholly separate entities, and yet we expect one exercise programme to be far more effective than another in conditioning our body. Cardio is far more effective when combined with high-intensity interval training and weightlifting at giving your body a complete workout. Myth: lifting weights will make you bigger than Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger didn?t become the 1970 Mr.Where do health myths come from? Well there?s this place, let?s call it Misinform-landia, where people share what they consider to be facts, through articles and other media, without first checking if their information is grounded in solid evidence and science. We read about the benefits of a slow and steady cardio programme to help us slim down and tone up, and while cardio exercise like running on a treadmill is good for recovery after high intensity training, steady state cardio can be hard on our joints and time-consuming. No cancellation costs, and unlimited access to different mean you can combine your cardio with any number of high performance workouts. Reliable sources like Men?s Health Magazine are a great place to find workouts and health tips. Still, some of the most popular ?facts? circulating the health-sphere have come from the wild imaginations of online bloggers (who heard it said somewhere once). Here are some health myths you just shouldn?t buy. But new companies offer the perfect alternative; flexible day passes and month by month memberships to venues in cities and towns across the nation. Olympia (World #1 bodybuilder) by lifting weights 3 or 4 days a week. Myth: gym membership is a costly long term commitment A lot of us resist the gym and the regularly weekly exercise we need to keep fit and healthy. That article your mum shared on why eggs are the new superfood is probably less reliable. Long working hours and yearlong membership contracts keep us perched on our sofas. But recently, fatty foods and carbohydrates have been proven to benefit our bodies in all kinds of ways. ? This blogger is going to set a few of those straight today. Building bulk requires a specific set of conditions to be in place at once; hours upon hours of daily weigh training, hormonal enhancers, plenty of sleep and a number of other recuperation strategies. It?s a common misconception that weightlifting will give you unwanted bulk. Eat unrefined carbs and fats like avocado and oily fish, or nut butters. ? When I go to the gym I like to enlist the help of a physical trainer

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